two little things, both good

Yesterday T-Moth and I took the folks to the flea market.  Due to my heat & sun intolerance (medication related, and which I am going to ask the doc about because it is really bringing me down) I found a tree and camped under it, which was actually very nice.  There came a point where I saw the three of them walking at a distance, and T-Moth glanced my way so I waved.  He was standing slightly behind and to the side of my father, who as I have mentioned, is now legally blind due to cataracts.  T-Moth waved back.  And so did Pa.

Little things, right?

That’s the first good thing.  The second is, I had an idea.  A writing idea.  Not a story idea, nor a craft idea, but a method idea.  It will probably involve a new project–not that I need another project!  It definitely involves a small purchase.  But I’m half excited about this idea, because it sounds like more fun than work.

Little things.