i found a disc

A while back I found a cd labeled in my draftsman print, 
Full Backup 6-08-06

On it is a copy of an old, not quite completed novel with the working title Standing Outside the Fire (blatantly ripped off from the song by Garth Brooks).

Although I have a hard copy of the document, this file is the only digital copy in existance.  I was so excited to find it!  I had never attempted to do any further work on this MS, because first I would have to rekey it into a new file, and I’m too lazy for that.  And I was extra excited because I had just been discussing with someone a possible home for that story, if only I had it in a file.

The file’s corrupt.  I’ve tried all the obvious things, and quite a few less obvious ones, but no dice.

But not every file on that disc is corrupt, and after I got over my initial crushing disappointment, I spent hours last night revisiting old stories, bits and pieces, notes, chat transcripts, and photos.  The disc turned out to be a treasure after all, even if it didn’t give me exactly what I hoped, wanted, thought I needed.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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