thankful thursday – a good night

With thanks to Whee Kelly Doll, last night made up for yesterday’s cup o’ suck soup.  She laid right up against my spine, like Hannah used to do, and the warmth from her kept my back from hurting while the fan kept the rest of me from being a sweaty mess.  I have often wished Cobie would do this; his spine is at least as long as mine, but he doesn’t cuddle often.  Kelly used to cuddle more, but she usually prefers some nook, like the backs of my knees or my armpit.

Horton woke me up a couple of times farting, and I woke up once because I was coughing and strangling on snot, but I ate a mint and was eventually able to go back to sleep and rack up almost eight hours total.  That’s much better than yesterday’s barely five.  Yesterday I had to get up early and go see the CNP, which accounted for the suck.  Also I fasted and didn’t need to.

I may go into what else sucked, but for now it’s thankful thursday.

So, Horton.  He’s manufactured by ResMed, and late last week I finally signed up for this thing called MyAir.  It turns out, Horton is a snitch, and now sends my nightly sleep report directly to ResMed, where I can see it online.  He hasn’t yet reported in for last night, so when I sign in I see this from the night before:

Yes, Horton gives me a grade.  And if I scroll down, I get this:

From there I can click on each category and see more details.

When I first signed up, Horton had reported nothing, so apparently this service is voluntary.  No one even told me about it.  I discovered while exploring Horton’s menus.  It makes me a little uneasy, but I’m going to stay signed up, at least for now.  If I decide later I don’t want snitched on, I can always block him at the router.  For now, until my appointment with the pulmonologist who can give me more details, the reports interest me.  If anyone really wanted to spy on anything that matters about me, they wouldn’t wait around for me to be diagnosed with sleep apnea and plant a cpap spy, they’d use some less conditional technology like satellites, drones, or etc..

Or they’d read my blog.