oh joy a cold

And now I have a cold.

It isn’t a bad cold.  It’s just a cold.  It has annoyingly run through my family one person at a time with a delay of weeks in between victims, and now apparently it is my turn.

You couldn’t hit me, stupid freekin cold, during the weeks and weeks I was waiting on the cpap.  No.

The RT at the HME company warned told me that many people think they won’t be able to wear their mask when they catch a cold, but most find that they can, and in fact the humidity provided by the machine actually helps nasal stuffiness.  And that much is true.  However, the pressure of the mask on my sinuses…ungood.  Very ungood.  Even for a minor cold such as this, ugh.

I am feeling very sorry for myself, in an, “I have felt like crap for so damn long, and adjusting to this machine is very difficult, and it is utterly unfair that I should feel worse and the adjustment should be made even harder,” sort of way.

Yes, I am a grownup.  I am aware that life is not fair.  I am aware that it could be worse.  I am aware that other people have worse problems.  (Technically, I have worse problems, and besides, has the whole, it could be worse thing ever made anyone feel better, ever?  Being reminded of the rampant suffering of others in the world has never made me feel better, that’s for sure.

None of that makes it easier to sleep in a mask that hurts.  I took the thing off in my sleep partway through the night, and put it back on this morning after I got up to tinkle.  It registered six point ? hours, but I have no way of knowing whether it counted the second session or both.

This stuff be hard.  I wish I were not too sensitive to live.  I am on my entire family’s nerves because I am ticked off all the time.  I am on my own nerves.  If I’m on yours, I apologize, but don’t really know what to do to stop.

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