Last night I opened the godlight file on my Nook, meaning to reccommence my re-read/review and refresh my memory sufficiently to finish a long ago synopsis and actually submit the thing.  And I discovered the entire second scene is missing.  Gone.  Vanished.


I heartily wish I had never tampered with the beginning at all.  And who knows what else I may have screwed up while messing around with it in my fog?  I also wish I did not have so many versions.  I would like to bag all the old versions up and throw them in an e-bonfire of some kind, because there are just too many to sort through.

I really wanted to be done revising this manuscript unless or until a professional agent or editor tells me what to change, but alas. For now I think my current writing project will be an actual revision, which is to say, I have to fix what I ruined during my last revision.

Anxiety, boo.

I need pizza.