gemini shoes

Follow my brain.  Mr Moth grumbled about how professors give vague assignments and did they ever do that to me?

Are you for SERIOUS, Mr Moth?!

As a specific example I reminded him how Ms L gave us the topic of duality and I drew Gollum.

Duality is a favorite theme of mine. I’m pretty sure that there’s no validity to astrology and that it’s a huge coincidence that I really am so very Gemini. Either that or hearing what a person born under that sign is supposed to be actually shaped my personality.

Regardless, later in the week, as I was driving, it popped into my head that my shoes are an example of the many dichotomies that make up my life. I have several pair: house shoes, bad weather boots, dress boots, dress loafers (ha), and the primary subcategory of athletic shoes, which I call tennis shoes.

Of tennis shoes there are a couple of pair I should really get rid of because they don’t fit right but I hate to because they are in good shape, a couple of pair that I should get rid of because they are beat down and awful, and two pair that are fairly respectable. It’s these two pair that captured my imagination on the way to school that day.

One pair are Nikes.

One pair are Dr Scholl’s, and since I couldn’t find an internet image anywhere, I took a snappy of them on my feet with potting soil accents.

I later remarked on this to my family over dinner, about the complete opposite branding going on with my shoes.  One “just do it,” and the other, well.

Zor said, “One pair for running, and one pair for falling.”

Um…ok, but hopefully not!

Anyway, duality.  Yeah.

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