thankful thursday

Today I’m thankful again for my new lapatop, and the bag that lets me tote it around with me, and the super-cheap spare cord that I found on e-bay so that I don’t have to crawl around under the desk unplugging before I can achieve mobility.  I just close the lid, unplug the power and the external monitor, slide the machine in the bag, zip, and go.

I am thankful for the work of GB Trudeau, whose vintage Doonesbury strips are currently a large part of the wall between me and utter loss of mind.

I am thankful for hope.

I am thankful for critters who amuse me, and for people who tolerate me–and maybe even love me, sometimes.

Although it got a little too warm a little too quickly–my old body thermostat doesn’t adjust as fast as perhaps it should–I am thankful for weather both warm enough and cool enough to leave the door open so critters can come and go sometimes without me having to dash the length of the house.

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