graduation, stress, self-pity, and panty hose

I received a letter from Clark State telling me all the details of graduation:  time, place, ticket availability, cap and gown purchase information, etc..

And then, it said, because they are having the graduation the same day as the last day of school, they will not actually be giving out diplomas, but blanks. Duds. Fakes.


Now I am on the fence about this ceremony.

Thirty years ago in May, I received a vocational certificate.  In June, I received my high school diploma.  Both documents were the real deal, and I still have both of them. 

Why do they have to have the ceremony so soon that they can’t tell who is going to actually be eligible for graduation?  It seems so, well…stupid to me, to do it that way.  Why not wait two weeks?  Or a month?  The last week of school is the first week of May, so they could take plenty of time to be sure and still have the ceremony in June like a normal school.

I can’t imagine the soul-slaying humiliation of inviting my family to see me graduate and then…finding out weeks later that I didn’t actually graduate.  And it could happen; I am feeling pretty grim about Professional Development.  If I flunk that class, or any others, I will not be able to retake it (or them) until next spring, so next year would be the earliest I could actually graduate.

“Hi, Mom.  You know the graduation cermony you went to the hassle of attending?  Well, PSYCH!”

Also, the last time I bought pantyhose was thirteen years ago for our wedding.  I swore that would be the last time in life I would wear them.

If I’m going to break my promise and buy pantyhose, I by-the-cosmos want a real document.  Otherwise, I’m leaning toward no…

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