thankful thursday

Today I am thankful for warming weather.

For family, for friends both past and present, and for T-Moth, but special mention to Mom this week.  She is 72 and still has all her cognition, although she has expressed her doubts at times.  I think any slippage on her part has more to do with the volume of information there is in one’s brain after 72 years of life.

For reruns of Roseanne and Designing Women, which take the edge off.

I am thankful the Walking Dead is over for the season so I can concentrate for one more hour a week on my schoolwork.  I am also thankful for all you late arrivals to the zombie party (noob! fans) without whom there would be so many fewer zombie stories being told today.  True, there would be fewer bad ones also, but there would also be fewer good ones.

I am thankful (sad, but thankful) for a couple of hateful drama mamas that are no longer actively involved in my life.  I miss them, but not their…stuff.

I am thankful for the forgiving nature of dogs, dog cuddles, dog fur, even in my coffee, and Oliver, who somehow tolerates dogs and still comes around at least a couple of times a day to give and receive affection, and who is impervious to my mood.  “Busy?  All stressed out?  Nobody cares.  It is now time to pet me.  Commence stroking, Servant.”

And I’m thankful for ideas.  They don’t always–or even usually–come when I need them, but this time one did, and as a result I finished my portfolio cover page on time.

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