one thingadingie…two thingadingies

After days of wallowing, I finally have a one-sentence thingie for Seldom.

I know better than to share the thingie.  Nothing kills a fledgling story for me like the Arctic wind of outside scrutiny…but I have a thingie!  And I had to share that I have it–the thingie.

If I were a real writer, I’d be able to remember what the one-sentence thingie is and not keep calling it a thingie.

I can probably also share that there’s probably going to be a maguffin, or something maguffinlike.  A maguffin thingie.


P.S.  They are one-sentence pitches.  But I don’t need a pitch yet, so for me it’s a one-sentence summary.  Having it makes me feel less likely to wander off in hunting plot tribbles.

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