oh, so that’s next

I was just trying to noodle the first two scenes and realized I need my heroine to do something good right away, something heroic even, like saving the cat.

So now I’m leafing through Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder.  This book is actually about writing screenplays, and was not my favorite when I first read it in 2008.  That’s probably at least partly because according to Save the Cat, godlight is a superhero story, or would be if it were a film.  Still, the book has good ideas about character and plot, and I’m looking for questions the answers to which will help flesh out my story.

Even though I’m marginally more of a dog person, I  love the concept of saving cats.  One of my all time favorite heroines became one of my all time favorite heroines when Ellen Ripley went back for Jonesy, the ship’s cat.

So onward, noodle.

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