thankful thursday

I am thankful for Android and Motorola, and have decided to post a list of everything I do on my phone now.

(1)  Manage time, via Google Calendars, Google Keep, and Google Now.  WIth my brain smoked like a ham, I need all the lists and reminders in the world.  I have my BlackBoard (school software)’s calendar linked to Google Calendar, so all my assignments are now there with my doctor’s appointments, class times, and houswork reminders.

(2)  ZOMG, Motorola’s Assist.  It (mostly) knows when I’m driving and lets me ask to have my texts read aloud so I’m not wondering for twenty minutes if it’s an emergency.  It monitors my calendars and automatically sets my phone to silent while I’m in class.  *bouncy bouncy*  Well, I have to set the calendar correctly, whether I’m busy (go into silent mode) or available (no silent mode), but other than that, it does all the work.

Practically speaking, this means I no longer set my phone for silent at the start of class and then forget to take it off silent for days at a time.  Assist does that FOR me.  It even has a setting for ending meetings ten minutes early, and since my classes end ten minutes short of an hour, that is perfect for me.  How often in life is something perfect?  Not often enough, I say.

(3)  Motorola Connect.  Lets me text from Chrome on my PC.

(4)  Track my health.  Blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, medication, all that.  I use an app called Glucose Buddy.

(5)  Entertainment.  I play Restaurant Story and Word With Friends, but only with a few people.

(6)  Handle all my store loyalty cards.  I use the app called Stocard.

(7)  Weather.  It’s so easy to check.

(8)  Entertainment.  Books and netflix wherever I go, and sometimes TV on the deck in the middle of the night.  It’s weird to have a TV the size of a compact car in the living room and be watching it the size of my palm in the yard, but I do enjoy it.  The little screen is clear enough I don’t have any trouble seeing what is going on on an old sit-com.

(9)  Navigation.  I’m a person who has a map in my head, but I’m also a person who hates driving on the freeway, so I use my phone’s navigation to help me stay off the interstate.

(10)  Texting myself things I want to do when I get to an actual computer…although this little phone could kick my first computer’s ass.

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