thankful thursday

Today I am thankful that I survived our project presentation yesterday, and that our characters got selected for the final go.  I did my best to sell them, because I really did think ours were more appealing to a larger number of people.

I am thankful for Mr Moth, who went out into the arctic nasty to get me mints, because if I don’t have my bedtime mint I have a hard time falling asleep, and Cobie is disconsolate.

I am thankful for critters, even mean little albino hamsters.

I am thankful for stories.

I am thankful for pizza, which I never used to  like, but now I appreciate it for the myriad ways it can be prepared so that it never gets boring, and all of the picky picky eaters around this place can fix it how they like it.

And I am thankful for this cozy house, and for having extra socks.