things not on my bucket list

Via onegrapeshy here.

  • Eating foie gras.
  • Or chitlins.
  • Air travel.
  • Water travel.
  • Space travel.  (I am a land mammal.)
  • Running.
  • Voting in favor of Constitutional Amendments that deny people rights.
  • Writing a vampire novel.
  • Writing a romance novel.
  • Writing non-fiction about how to write fiction.
  • Learning to swim.
  • Diving, sky or deep sea.  (See Land Mammal remark above.)
  • Calculus class.
  • Adopting a pit bull.
  • Raising grandchildren.
  • Delivering another pizza.
  • Re-watching Lost.
  • Having a body part waxed.
  • Fake fingernails.
  • Moving house.

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