my lucky olphinaunt

I saw this little critter at Save-a-Lot:

Oh look, I thought, What a cute little olphinaunt.

Olphinaunt is what the twins called elephants when they were like, two.

He was as soft as a hamster but more amenable to pocket-travel. I bet you’re a lucky writing olphinaunt, I thought. I had to have him, even though no one in the store knew how much he was. Eventually we settled on 2.99, and Peanut (it says his name is) came home in the pocket of my hoodie, and I forgot to take him out. So when Zor (the youngest) and I went to the store yesterday, Peanut was still in there, although I didn’t realize it.

As I zoomed down the road that little voice whispered in my mind, “Go to Goodwill.”

It’s a build-it-and-they-will-come kind of voice, not to be ignored, so I asked Zor if she minded if we stopped. She said no, so we stopped…for two hours. We found clothes, a couple of books, and a picture frame for a project. And I found one of those wheeled bookbags, like I scoured the city for at the beginning of fall quarter. The cheapest I found then was $40. This one was $7. So, even though I’m really pretty in love with the leather backpack I found for $3 at a yard sale, the wheeled book bag came home with me. Not sure how it’s going to fit into all the things I need to carry to live at school three days a week, but if I need it, it will be here.

On to the grocery…

Hams for $10. Kapow! Almost made up for the $40 I spent at Goodwill.

Came home, carried things in, and when I reached into my pocket for my keys to open the van’s tailgate, I felt something fuzzy.

Well you really are a lucky lil olphinaunt! Maybe not a writing one (we’ll see about that shortly) but definitely a shopping olphinaunt.

Welcome home, Peanut.