thankful thursday on sunday

Because I whined on (thankful) Thursday…

Zor’s new job.

Money for groceries.

My dentist and her crew, who have treated me with utmost care and respect, and that…

My extreme dental adventures are almost over. Only one more visit! And then I will become a normal dental patient. Well, maybe not. I don’t think I’ve ever been normal. Maybe “ordinary” is a better term.

Long phone calls with my mother.

My blue tie-dye shirt. My docs probably think this is the only shirt I own, because I wear it when I am stressed. It is like a wearable blankie.

Air conditioning. And fans. Because I never did like hot, and one of the recently increased medications causes increased sensitivity to hot.

Our mechanic, whose affordable brake job just saved Me, Berta, and a disney-colored deer.

Bonnie at Mr Handy, who told Mr Moth how to fix our dishwasher with a hair dryer.

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