My temporary crown is on there.  They told me to avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky.  I replied that I have been watching that tooth flake away for years, and have been avoiding hard, crunchy, and sticky for a very long time.  I can do it a while longer.  

The temp is far too white, considering the tobacco and coffee my other teeth have survived.  Hopefully the permanent crown will be not quite as white.  What it will be is wider; they’re going to fill in a gap so my front uppers will present an uninterrupted line.  My teeth will not be picture perfect, but they will look…normal.  They filled in the chip on my left front incisor when they did fillings last time, and I am still startled when I look in a mirror.

So next trip, in June, I will be getting the permanent crown installed and some more fillings.  Dr A didn’t say how many fillings.  What she said was, “I’ll do as many as I can until we run out of time.”  I take this to mean they no longer feel the need to baby me along.  And it’s not as though I am trying to ironman it out, either.  I’m ok.  I had some very faint touchiness high in the gum, but I didn’t even feel the need to take ibuprofen for it.  I worried Horton might aggravate that, but no.  I could go back today if they wanted me to.

Instead I am working on a list that I hope to develop into a daily routine that will enable me to get things done this summer.  I lost most of last summer to dizzy spells and weakness, and the summer before that I spent lying around exhausted.  I thought that was because I was recovering from Portfolio Review and graduation, but I’m thinking that wasn’t it.  Or not all of it.

I live in hope that someday I will have things to share besides health updates and weather.  Speaking of which…

It’s cool enough today to turn the air conditioning off and leave the door open so dogs can come and go at will for a while.  They’re happy, so I’m happy. 

If Tyrion the Hammister wakes up, he’s going to be unhappy, because his cage is atrocious.  He still hates being handled, sigh.

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