on seasons and glasses

Today we all have appointments with the eye doctor.  I don’t really need new glasses, but it’s that time.  Tim doesn’t think he needs new ones either, but I say it would be good for him to have a second pair.  He could leave one at work and not have to worry about forgetting them anymore.  Zor, well.  She’s suggestible.  Ever since I made the appointments she’s been complaining she can’t see.

We’ll be “trusting” Kelly to stay home and not destroy her own heinie–I hope that’s not a huge mistake.

Also there’s a huge weather situation pending.  Snow, sleet, your basic happy swell almost-spring fun times in Ohio.  8 to 10 inches worth!  It’s not supposed to get truly nasty until this evening though, so here’s hoping.  We have T-Moth to do the driving, which in nasty weather is always a plus.  And Berta has new-ish tires on the front and decent ones on the back.

Lying black wooly-bear caterpillar notwithstanding, this has not been a very ferocious winter.  And every season–we are blessed to have four of them–is welcome when it arrives.  But as we wear toward the end of each season, I am ready for the change.  At the end of spring, I am ready to stop sneezing and to sit outside in the stuffy dark and listen to the nightbugs.  At the end of summer I am ready for cool air and warm colors.  At the end of fall, I am tired again of sneezing, and I am ready to see the world blanketed in purest white. 

At some point the snow melts or turns gray, and we enter our second “deer season”, not a hunting season, but just a period of time where all of outdoors is the color of deer–which is probably why deer are that color.  And when this time comes around, I begin to crave color like it’s air.

I need yellow and pink and green and blue, and white in the sky instead of on the ground.  Bring on the violets and the robins and the cardinals and the jays.  I need gray to be a design choice and not a relentless sky color.

I need spring.

And maybe glasses, although perhaps I should postpone my appointment until July so I don’t come back with some neon green frames with rhinestones or something.

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