further adventures of Hurricane Cobie and Kelly Doll

Them’s my two mutts, in case you forgot.

Preface:  Once upon a time, Mr Moth expressed the opinion that Cobie wasn’t all that smart–not compared to Hannah, at least.

Because if I don’t, I suffer extreme heartburn, every night before I go to sleep I eat a mint.  It can be a Lifesaver or a starlite mint or a candy cane, it doesn’t matter just so’s it’s mint.  And because I have dogs, when I get down to the last bit, I break it in two and give a tiny piece to Cobie and a tiny piece to Kelly.  Kelly doesn’t really like mint, but if I don’t give her any she feels left out.  She tries to figure out ways to keep Cobie from getting her piece of mint without she actually has to eat it.

Two nights ago, she dropped her piece of Lifesaver on the dog bed and laid on it.

Cobe half-circled for several minutes, obviously agitated.  Kelly pretended to be asleep.  I pretended to read.

Because the weather’s been so changeable I have both my summer blanket and my winter blanket on the bed.  Whichever I don’t want, I put on the floor overnight.  Surprisingly, neither dog has tried sleeping on that blanket, but finally on this night Cobie went over to it and started scratching it up.  SCRAPE SCRATCH SCRABBLE.  Left paw, right paw.  SCRATCH SCRITCH SCRUPP.  On and on.  At great length.  I considered making him quitit but I wanted to know why the hell he was doing that.

So did Kelly.  She got up and went over to the blanket to supervise.

As soon as she arrived, Cobie made one of his on-a-dime 180s and dashed back to the dog bed where he quickly found and snarfed up the sliver of mint.

Kelly went HUFF! and laid down on the nicely scratched-up blanket.


I submit that Cobie has complex problem-solving skills.  He should go into management.  Or get married. 

One thought on “further adventures of Hurricane Cobie and Kelly Doll

  1. LOL tell Mr. Moth that even the dumbest seeming dogs in the world are still smarter than your average man!
    It never ceases to amaze me how smart dogs and cats truly are!

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