godlight – what’s it about

I think I am supposed to be writing entries about the kinds of things that will appeal to and attract potential readers for my novel, but I don’t know what kinds of things those might be. I don’t really like discussing my unsold stories in public much, ever since a critique group member absconded with no less than two character names and a major concept, and since there is no way to protect ideas except not to share them, I re-envisioned the whole story and have kept it quite close to the vest since.

The novel is a dystopian adventure about a collision between the near future and the far future. Although I never come right out and explain it in the story, godlight is about using time travel to change the past, and to some extent, about the effect of time travel on multiple incarnations of the same soul. It’s about what it means to be human, and what it costs to belong.

In addition to the adventure, there’s a love story (actually three, now I think about it, one of them a love-hate situation) and a mystery. Did Cera–the heroine–kill her husband seven years ago and get away with it? Just about everyone in the story world thinks so, except her one crazy companion.

There is no god in godlight. It’s not religious fiction and it’s not my intention to confirm or deny the existence of a divine being.

Now if I think of any topics that might appeal, I’ll be sure to post them here. But while I’m working on Seldom, I won’t be able to discuss her story for fear of killing it. So I’ll probably continue to share minutiae about life, the varmints, and everything. I hope that’s ok, because that’s pretty much all I have in the silo right now.