thankful thursday

I am pooped. I was up half the night playing with the mp3 player Mr Moth bought cheap from a fellow at work. I finally have an mp3 player that can handle audio books.

I’m fairly certain Lita had babies last night. I can’t see them, because she built her nest high, but yesterday she was enormous and today she’s her skinny li’l self. Furthermore, I hear squeaking. Wee tiny squeaking.

I’m changing Zanny’s name to Zandy, which is what I wanted to name her/him in the first place, but Zor insisted that was a boy’s name. Since for Lita to have babies, Zanny has to be a boy…yeah. Zandy. I separated them over a week ago after Lita bit Zanny Zandy and made her him bleed. Haha, I guess I know why now.

A plus on another topic, it’s cool enough to wear long pants today. Which is good, considering that’s what’s clean!

Oh, and it’s my mommy’s birthday. She’s 71. She’s still teaching me things, and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for her.

2 thoughts on “thankful thursday

  1. Happy (belated) birthday to your Mom! She must be terrific to have raised such an awesome kid.
    Congrats to mommy rodent. And I think Zandy is a much better name than Zanny anyway. I suppose we should congrats him also…but, meh. He probably doesn’t actually care.
    So, when will the wee bits be available for head-counting? About 2 weeks from birth as best I remember… well, except for our one momma who always opened the nest when she was ready…showed them off (I think to get more treats in exchange for the privilege)….then closed things back up. They do have such personality.

    • I counted 8 early this week when she dragged them all upstairs to the cage loft/dining area. They didn’t show up in the picture I tried to take though, and I was afraid to keep trying because I didn’t want to spook momma hamster.

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