This back-to-school gig is a lot harder than I thought it would be…kinda like when you think you know what the exhaustion is going to be like, and then you have a baby. I’ve had my blogging client open for days but have been too tired to type anything coherent into it.

Housework? Exercise? Writing? Not happening. I’ve got to figure out a way to get on top of those things. One of my biggest challenges is figuring out what calendar/planner works best for me. I like google calendar, but when half the world insists I turn off my cell phone, how do I access my calendar?

I tried a regular monthly pocket calendar, but the blocks are too tiny for all the things (assignments) I need to write in them. I think a weekly planner is going to be better. Maybe. Switching it back and forth from my bookbag to my purse is just another thing I’m going to forget to do.

Can’t I please just leave my phone on? I promise not to answer it, talk on it, or text with it. I just need to see my calendar.