new blog, and the whys and hows

I am not going to write about how to write, like some authors do, because I don’t know how to write.  I might occasionally write about how I write, because I do know that…although how I write changes on a half-regular basis.  However, talking about The Process tends to bring it to a screeching halt, so not too much of that either.

But for the first post on a new blog, ok.

Currently I’m not even really writing, I’m noodling.  Or pre-writing.  Working on character info, plot, and most importantly (to me) motivation.  Why is this happening?  Why are these people reacting this way?  What does she want, and why?  As I learned from writing godlight, when the characters are fully realized, they’re more likely to take the story bit in their teeth and run with it.  I’m doing this pre-writing longhand, which is my preferred method for drafting anything.  Typing it in then becomes part of revision, an extra pass.

I need all the passes I can get, as I am a Tyop Queen, but I have a hard time seeing my own mistakes because I see what I know I wrote, instead of what’s there.

The pre-writing is happening at my desk.  When I’m ready to start drafting, I’ll probably take some loose leaf paper to Grand Central Station the kitchen table where I’ll write little bits when they occur to me.

That whole Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard thing has never really worked for me.  It feels like punishment, and for me writing is a joy and an escape.

As to the how of noodling, today I am using the Snowflake Method.  A few days back, I was using Donald Maass’ The Breakout Novelist.  At some point I will almost certainly pull out Holly Lilse’s Create a Character Clinic and Create a Plot Clinic.  I will also doubtless consult my old Tarot deck and a book or two on astrology before I’m done.

I do what feels like it’s working until it stops, and then do something else.  I guess that’s my Process in a nutshell.

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