woowoo at casa del pooch

Last night, around 2:30 a.m., as I was finishing up in the kitchen before heading to bed, I heard a sound.  It was a *TING* sound, and if you have dogs with tags, and those dogs have stainless dog dishes, you know what sound I mean.

I can always identify which dog is at the dish, and whether it is a food dish (there are two) or the water dish (one) by the quality of the TING.    (Kelly’s ting is duller, I assume because she’s shorter and the tags rest against her chest.  Cobie’s ting is more melodic, probably because when he bends down to drink, the tags dangles.)

So not an unusual noise, except it sounded…off.  A water dish TING, but not Kelly’s ting and not Cobie’s ting.

Also, I was looking at both dogs.  Specifically, I had them in a sit because I was about to give them each a baby carrot.  Which I did.  Then I investigated, but found nothing.  (I thought maybe a June bug, ugh.  But no insects were in sight.)

Oliver doesn’t wear a tag, or a collar.  Furthermore, he had gone out.

I wrote it off as my imagination, but the water dish was a little low so I refilled it.  Then, as I prepared to leave the room, I heard it again.  TING.  And it did not sound like either dog’s tag at either dish, yet it had to be, right?  Except they had both gone down the hall to lie outside Zor’s door and sniff kittenfumes.

Again I checked for June bugs.  Again I found nothing.

Oliver scratched to come in, so I let him in, and then, as he brushed past my ankles, TING.

I was getting creeped out.  Odd, considering that I am not an easily creeped person, and that the sound was so ordinary.

I heard Zor coming sleepily down the hall, past the dog patrol.  She had kittenfumes (aka Artemis) with her, so the troops followed.  I watched her come into the kitchen and get a drink.  I felt compelled to stay put until she was done in the kitchen; I used the excuse of kitty sitting.  In due course she finished, and we all went to bed.  I didn’t hear anything else.