nothing important

All but the last few straggly leaves have departed the tree in our front yard and lie on the ground in soggy unblowable clumps. It is now deer season in Ohio, where the deer cross the roads in herds, dying and dying and dying. Maybe it’s in memory of the fallen that my home state is deer colored now. By January or so we’ll have lost that and gone to plain brownish gray, and I’ll be starving for color of any kind. That’s when I’ll go to the dollar store and buy bunches of cheap fake flowers in primary and vivid secondary colors, and to the Goodwill for stray colored pillowcases.

No need to rush the season though. There’s still two blanking months of Xmas to get through.

I have a cold, but I made it through finals. It’s not even a bad cold, mostly a scratchy throat, mild congestion, and some coughing, yet I feel like crap in a cup. Which might be part of the reason why I’m having trouble figuring out what to do with myself. I went from having zero time to having all the time in the world and not knowing how to allocate it. So I sit on the sofa, undecided, and watch Fatal Attractions. Which is good, but I mean to accomplish more over winter break.

So here’s a condensed version of my to-do list:

Find X number of agents who accept queries in one of the genres godlight might be.
Write X queries.
Send X queries.
Read godlight again for typos. (I’ve created an epub file for this, so I can work on the Nook. We’ll see how it goes.)
Clean out my school bags.
Clean off my desk.
Do something to neaten the hamster pit my office has become.
Choose a writing project. I’m waffling between Seldom and an old NaNo project with the working title of Standing Outside the Fire that’s been haunting me for years.
Write something.
And…this will come as a shock…draw. In charcoal. I have an idea, and quite a lot of supplies left over.
Watch the Alien series with Zor.