happiness is

We took the last in-nest Spawn to Best Buy to pick out her new laptop. She’s been shopping online for months, and new exactly which one she wanted. Except when we got there, they were sold out. She carefully inspected every other offering in the store, most of which were also sold out. “I just don’t want to settle!” she cried in frustration.

And, since Mr Moth and I agreed she shouldn’t have to settle, we drove her to the next town, which has a bigger Best Buy (glorious, glorious geekery…provided you don’t actually expect their commission-based geeks to fix anything) and found her laptop. She was walking out with it clutched to her chest and a big goofy grin on her face, and she said, “Hey look!”

We looked. “What?”

“Pudding face.”

get your pudding face on 1get your pudding face on 2

Ok, so New Laptop Face isn’t as creepy as Pudding Face, but you get the idea.